Monday Suds: Pateros Creek

One of the great things about living on the front range is the limitless options when it comes to breweries and styles.


A while back we attended a fundraiser and went home with a couple of four packs from Pateros Creek among a few other things.  We had heard about them from a dad of a friend and when we found ourselves in Ft. Collins, we headed towards the tap room.



Every tap room is a little different and Pateros Creek works out of a small place with just enough room for some great beers and conversation.  You walk into the smaller of the rooms so the first thing you see is the beer and the taps.  There is a side room that seems like it would be a great music and game space.  I’m definitely going to keep an eye on their schedule to see if there are any great events popping up on their calendar.IMG_2219

We were there on a weekday so we pretty much had the staff to ourselves to ask every question we could think of!  Brad was gracious enough to pour us some tasters and tell us about the brewery.  Since opening in June of 2011 they have created a Legends menu which features six regular beers on tap.  There is also a host of experimental beers on their Renegade menu.  All of their beers, regardless of their distinctions, was tasty and easy drinking.  By creating the Renegade menu, they have given themselves free reign to make some amazing beers in small batches.  While not every beer will make the cut, all beers were at least worth the adventure.IMG_2210

We placed our vote for Spiranthes, the extra pale ale, to be placed on the Legends list.  I could have drank that beer all afternoon!  One other surprise on their menu was the Gluten Free choice, Duncan’s Ridge.  While most GF beers I have tasted have been flops, especially when flavor is added, I really enjoyed this beer and didn’t really notice that it was missing something. IMG_2224

This was such a little gem in downtown Ft. Collins.  If you are planning a stop through this fantastic college town, make sure you hit this place right on College Avenue! And as you can tell, some other brewers and bar staff have been by!


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