Friday Five

Favorite First

I made my way out to Anaheim last week for Expo West/Engredea!  It was such an incredible experience!  If you’ve been, you know.  If you haven’t been, it is the largest natural products show and there were so many important trend setters and game changers in one place!


What I’m listening to


This website/music service has been the key to my sanity.  I definitely need music to get me through the day!

Most shocking news

Goodbye Google Reader

When I saw this on my twitter feed, I thought it was a joke!  I’ve looked at other services and can’t find one I like.  Any suggestions?  (Don’t say feedly!)

Most talked about

These guys!


I moved desks when I got back from my trip and they now have a more prominent space.  They are my Mad Cow disease and Flesh Eating Bacteria Microbes.  Love them!  You can get your own here!

Plans for the weekend!

Almost nothing! Except for maybe a beer and a run!  I plan on laying low and finish the recouperating process!


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