Monday Suds: FtCo and Funkwerks

Happy Monday!  So this weekend was rough and we are still sifting through the details.  This weekend, I realized that I never shared the info about the rest of our Ft. Collins trip.  After Pateros Creek and Black Bottle, we checked out Funkwerks and Ft. Collins Brewing.  There are so many styles of beer to try that we had to stick to tasters!

First up, Funkwerks!


When you do something well, you should stick to it!  At Funkwerks, they do Saisons and a lot of them!  While they all have a common theme in their taste, every beer highlighted a different note of the saison goodness.  They opened in 2010 and haven’t looked back.  The tasting room was pretty quiet but the beer was tasty.


I really enjoyed the Classic and I would definitely pay for it in the store.  The one thing I didn’t like about the place was well, the place.  It was quiet and the girl behind the bar wasn’t too chatty.  I will support from afar but I don’t think we would go out of our way to head up there again.  I was definitely having a good time with the camera so at least I wasn’t bothering anyone (besides the Husband) while I snapped away.


Next up, Ft. Collins Brewery! What a difference from Funkwerks.  We walked in and they were buzzing with food and beer!  They own the restaurant in the building as well so there were plenty of opportunities to see the food coming out.  This brewery moved into their current location 2010 and they are definitely growing.  From what we heard, there is a 50 barrel tank going in soon!


There are seven standards and some delicious rotating beers.  Like any good Colorado brewery, their IPA was strong and the most popular in the tap room.  The one beer that caught me by surprise was the Mint Chocolate Porter.  At first glance, I said no thank you.  The bartender gave us a taste and I was sold.  The mint was there but it wasn’t like biting into a cookie, more like sipping delicious minty cocoa!  I couldn’t drink it all the time but I would definitely order it again!


The other bonus to FtCo Brewing was the food.  We had bacon wrapped pretzels with a beer cheese sauce and I was so happy to be eating food!  We are going back to have a beer and try the restaurant next weekend!  I will definitely let you know how it is!


I would like to make Monday Suds a weekly (or monthly) link up.  Would you be interested in participating? I am also open to guest posters!  Send an email to kemerselis(at)gmail(dot)com to let me know!

2 thoughts on “Monday Suds: FtCo and Funkwerks

  1. Fort Collins Brewery didn’t open in 2010, they just moved into their current location in 2010. They had previously been at the location Funkwerks is at now. You probably knew that, but the way you wrote it was confusing so I thought I’d let you know.

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