Friday Five (April 5th)

1. Meet our new buffet/hutch/cabinet!


We snagged this guy at a local antique/second hand store.  Needs some updating but serves the purpose.  So glad all of our glassware fit!  We are thinking about painting it and we are definitely changing out the knobs and handles.  Not sure what color to do.  Your thoughts?

2. Love this picture I snapped of the Husband hiking with his parents.  So glad we can get out and be active even though it is their vacation.  And it was great to see the three of them working together to get everyone up (and down) safely.


3. Stopped for breakfast at Einstein’s today.  It’s no Bruegger’s but it’s still good.  Woke up wanting an Everything Bagel and that’s exactly what I got!  Sometimes you just have to have what you want and not necessarily what you should have!


4. Finally found a few Chobani Flips at the store!  Really liked this flavor but I requested more with my manager.  Hope to get the Key Lime in soon!


5. The recent weather also makes the top 5!


So glad that I can finally enjoy my bike and maybe some time at the driving range!

What was the best part of your week?


6 thoughts on “Friday Five (April 5th)

  1. Oooh love the hutch (is that what you call those??)!! I am not good at deciding what colors to paint things but I think it would look great if you decided to do a contrasting color/pattern on the inside of it 🙂 And I’m totally jealous of your weather. It is still only 40 in MPLS – I need to move somewhere nice!

    1. We loved the shape and size! We are painting the dining room soon too so hopefully that will help! And don’t be too jealous of the weather, we are supposed to get 4-8 inches of snow on Tuesday!

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