Celebrating something local with the Prairie Scholars and Subworks

So what’s better than supporting one local business?  Supporting two!!  We had the opportunity last weekend to take part in Subworks first sandwich naming party.  And wouldn’t you know it, it was being named after our friends The Prairie Scholars.

Subworks has always been one of those places that serves delcious hot sandwiches on those nights when it’s too cold to leave or you are elbow deep in a project at home.  There is something for everyone and the Prairie Scholars Chicken Caprese was incredible.  I have ordered it three times since we heard about it and this was the first time it was actually on the menu.


A little backstory on Subworks and the owners Tim and Sarah:

“Subworks Deli was opened in 1999 and from the start offered Oven-Baked Subs, Fresh Salads, Hot Soups and Sweets. It has gone through 4 owners before my wife and I bought it in 2011. I was the manager there from 2007-2011 before buying it.  As the owner/operator I am in there everyday except Sundays keeping the Customer experience high and bringing in new fresh innovations like switching from frozen chicken to fresh, and adding new items like an affordable Gyro as well as new subs like the Spicy BBQ pulled pork.”

We have definitely loved the sandwiches and really enjoy all of the great new items.  I’m a sucker for pulled pork so I will definitely be trying it.  Andy, Jess, and Subworks owner Tim are all pictured below!



I’ve already told you a little bit about the Prairie Scholars here but in case you are looking for some great West Texas folk please support them by visiting their website and downloading some tunes!  You can even find them on Spotify if you want to try them out first.


I’m a true believer in supporting local and we buy and eat local as often as we can.  We also drink local beer and shop at the farmer’s market.  If you are really wanting to make a difference in your community, support your local business people, arisans, craftsmen, and brewers as often as you can!

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