Just checking in

Well, to say that this week has been weird and slightly trying on my nerves might be an understatement. Between the sick day on Monday, the snow on Tuesday and Wednesday (c’mon, Colorado!), and the horrible news that seems to flood my twitter and facebook feeds, I am definitely ready for a weekend.


There has been a general outpouring of love and support for those in Boston and my words really won’t change anything so I won’t add much. I just want to remind people to hug the ones you love, call your parents when you can (which is more often than you are willing to admit), and make sure that you never go to bed angry. Life is strange and you never know what will happen the minute you walk out the door in the morning. Live with no regrets and lots of love!

041213_1644_FridayFive1.png familyhike  P1230314.jpg



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2 responses to “Just checking in

  1. Snow, Colorado, hiking, dogs, family and friends – good places to find out what is important in life

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