Friday five

TGIF! I don’t the collective We has ever needed a weekend more than now. It’s been a long, emotional week for some and it is definitely time to get some rest, sleep in, and enjoy some of my favorite things!

  1. I got a post from my favorite Wine and Beer store letting me know that Odell had a new beer out. While I am not really a fruit beer fan, I have recently started to love all peach and apricot beers. This one really knocked my socks off. While the price is higher than I would like to spend on a beer, it was a nice splurge.

2. As most Americans filed their taxes on Monday, thought I would share the option that came up when I finished my e-file.  I was asked if I wanted to Tweet about my taxes or share it with my friends on Facebook.  The Husband and I both laughed so hard… who wants to share this news immediately??

3.  While I don’t like snow or winter or anything cold, how can you not love this view from my commute?  You never get tired of it!

4.  I really loved this article.  You always read about the things you can do to be a better employee but have you ever thought about what the people at the top are being told?

5. I have really fallen in the love with The Mowgli’s.  The songs make me smile and that is exactly what we need this week!

Enjoy your Friday and really enjoy your weekend!



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5 responses to “Friday five

  1. How can you hate everything cold and live here? We need to get you into a winter sport! 😉

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