Monday Suds: Crabtree Brewing

It’s Monday and that means it’s time for another Colorado snowstorm… I really don’t know how many more patio-less weekends I can stand. This weekend was gorgeous and then BAM snow. Let’s hope this doesn’t last too long.  Anyway, on to the beer.


This weekend we ventured north and tried out the only brewery in Greeley, Crabtree Brewing.  This brewery has been open since 2006 and has since outgrown their first location and moved to a new beautiful space in 2012.


We walked into a bright and friendly space that was just brimming with community.  Not only did Crabtree have 10 beers on tap, they also had a fully stocked homebrew shop to support their locals hobbyists.  It’s really great to stop into a brewery, taste something incredible, and then buy the ingredients to make an inspired brew.  Which we would have seen more kits based on the beers on tap, would definitely inspire visitors to try new and different things.


Now onto the drinkable beer in house.  When tasting many of the beers on tap, their very inviting patio seemed to be calling my name.  The Husband’s favorite was the biggest surprise of the day and the one that needs warm weather to be properly enjoyed.  This beer was the Dearfield Ale, a seasonal choice with hints of strawberry.  Super light and the essence of strawberry was just enough!


Not only were there tasty seasonal tastes right on the nose but the standard Colorado brews like the Rye IPA hit it out of the park.  Super hoppy but they can get away with it as it is is the only hoppy choice available.  The Oatmeal Stout, a GABF medal winner, was also a great favorite.  Wish I had a six of that for this cold and snowy evening!


Overall, I absolutely loved this local gem.  The bartender, Courtney, told me about the great community that they are building in town.  They do week night happy hours and they also do a happy hour evening to support their local teaching community!  They have a base of family and friends that really seem to make this place tick.  While we were in, we were told that one of their brewers was in and we noticed that he had brought his family to relax on a Saturday.  You know it’s a great place when an employee hangs out at work on his time off.IMG_2707

If you are looking for Crabtree Brewing’s delicious tastes, you can find it in a few mountain states or in the tap room!  You can check out their site here for more info!  Can’t wait to try this place when patio weather is on!


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