I think it’s finally Spring!

Did I just jinx us? It’s almost May and the snow is finally melting. On Monday, my commute in looked like this…

Don’t worry, I was riding passenger while the Husband dealt with the icy roads. There are supposed to be mountains off in the distance in that photo. Luckily, there is no Monday morning snow in the forecast for next week. Can’t wait to see flowers and buds on trees again!


Anyway, now that it seems that the weather has taken a turn for the better it’s time to run again. I packed everything up to hit the streets today over lunch. I was planning on doing a 5k this weekend but we have to turn our house upside down instead to get it ready for painting. I am now setting my sights on the Bolder Boulder that is in a mere 4 weeks. 6 miles seems like a lot for my short legs but I just want to finish…  Luckily I have plenty of day light to get moving!

How are you enjoying Spring where you are?  I’m ready to cook outside and spend my weekends on the patio!



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2 responses to “I think it’s finally Spring!

  1. I think I’m going to do Boulder Boulder, too! But I’m not going to train at all. It’s been forever since I’ve even gone on a run! I’m running because a friend wants a “participating buddy” haha. But it’s a good excuse to soak up this weather with a run! Let me know if you want a running buddy sometime 🙂

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