Friday Five (April26th)

1. So this weekend we are tearing the house apart to get ready for painting! I can’t wait to get these colors in the house and move on from boring beige! From Left to Right: Gentle Rain for our main living space, Bleached Denim for our bedroom, Embellished Blue for our kitchen, Scotland Road for the Husband’s office, and Silverberry for our main floor powder room. What do you think??

2. Have you heard of The Oh Hellos? This song on the radio and Spotify has made me really happy. I am definitely going to be buying the digital album this weekend on their site!

3. I saw this infographic on Brittany’s blog this week. Definitely made me smile. I even showed it to the Husband and he had a good laugh.

4. LinkedIn has done a really great job of getting business and pop culture influences to write about their rise to the top. I have found some of the sets of entries very entertaining. I really loved the set up this week “My best career mistake”. While I read most of these and say that I would never have the courage to do that, I stop and think that maybe I should. These people wouldn’t be who they are if they didn’t take these chances to leave (or get fired from) their comfortable place.

5. Finally, a salute to Spring! I went out for a quick run yesterday over lunch and spotted a whole yard of little purple flowers. I saw tulips walking in today to the office. And I bet there are plenty of daffodils poking out in our neighborhood. We will probably have a very short Spring and move right on to summer. Hopefully that means allergy season will be short, too! But despite the stuffy nose, I can’t help but smile at all of the pretty blooms outside!

Well, that’s it! Five great things that are making my week. This weekend should be pretty crazy and then the painting begins. Next week, I will be living dorm room style. Can’t wait to see how that works out… What made you smile this week?

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