Missing Monday?

So on Mondays I usually share some beer related news with you. I had a few half finished posts about beer and food but we had another project that took precedence.

We went out Saturday and bought 19 (YIKES) gallons of paint. I mentioned in my Friday post that we had finally settled on colors and on Monday, our painter started!


The ceilings already look amazing and I am really excited to see the fun colors go up.  But first, the uncomfortable part.

The hard part of this process is essentially moving out of the top 2 floors of our house and into the basement and the garage. What we learned over the last 4 days is that we have a LOT of stuff. I was tempted to roll the dumpster out in front of our townhouse and start tossing things from the closets straight in. Luckily, I came to my senses and started to box things up and ship them out.

So for the next week or so, we will be living in our basement on an air mattress. We thoughts we would start moving back in on Saturday but it turns out that painting might take a little longer than originally planned. Just needs to be livable for our guests next week and presentable for the party at our house… As the week goes on, I hope to stay positive even though my morning grouchiness is hard to avoid.

Lots of dinners out to avoid paint fumes and Maggie is coming to work every day this week to keep me company. Just have to stare at the paint chips and cross my fingers!  Here’s to a blank canvas!



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3 responses to “Missing Monday?

  1. Nice color choices. Paint makes such a difference – struggle through the agony of preparation know it’s worth it!

  2. LOVE the colors! 🙂 I’m jealous that you can paint.

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