One more night on the air mattress…

So after a few nights on the air mattress, a few inches of snow, and several dog filled days at work we are all feeling a bit worn out! Maggie can’t even keep her eyes open on the drive home. Luckily, she likes the extra chair next to my desk. Wish I could fall asleep in that chair sometimes! Just kidding (kind of…).

Now for some progress shots!

It will all be worth the hassle in the end! The first shot shows you why the Husband and I have not attempted to paint our living room on our own! Too tall and there is a definitely a fear of heights that runs rampant in our house! The second shot really shows off the color difference! The first words that came out of my mouth when we got home yesterday was that it looked like there was a hint of purple… Obviously the Husband than started to tell the world (or just his family) that I got away with painting ANOTHER room purple… It’s definitely grey but I know that isn’t the last I will hear of it.

On top of the crazy week we were already having, we also got lots of snow yesterday! Thankfully, the snow is out today and it should be all gone soon! Maggie isn’t really a fan of playing in the snow, just next to it. She is definitely a dainty pup and not interested in getting her paws wet. As you can see though, the snow didn’t stick to the cement. Now if only Spring would get here.

The nice thing out of the snow and the shuffling is that I was able to spend a few minutes outside this morning clearing my head. I was able to snap a photo of a budding tree with the last (I hope) of the snow. Here’s to the rest of the weekend being awesome!

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