Friday Five May3

We spent a lot of nights out this week. One place we went was running a special on Dos Equi beer. Once I started in on the beers, I couldn’t stop reciting my favorite commercial lines. The Husband (an internet hermit) had never seen the meme. We were in tears at the booth because we were laughing so hard making up our own most interesting man scenarios!

I’m still in love with this picture! Even though I’m not big on winter, I am big on how snow looks against blue morning skies. How can you not love it?

Saw this recipe on Iowa Girl Eats this week and I can’t get it out of my head. The Husband doesn’t like tomatoes so this looks like something that can easily have switched out ingredients. Once I have my kitchen back, it’s time to get started. We did manage to make a potluck casserole last night with our limited kitchen utensils. Not sure how we pulled it off but it looked good!

On Sunday, Heather and I finally met up! We live so close but I typically don’t make it out enough to see everyone. We enjoyed the crazy good weather and got a bit of sun with our IPAs before the snow came! It was nice to catch up. Hopefully we can do it again soon!

Finally, we are only a few weeks out from BLEND!! I’m getting really excited to spend a weekend getting to hang out with those who fill up my Google Reader. There is always so much going on and it’s definitely a weekend to not feel weird about taking pictures of your dinner, working out with your friends, and the general girls night out-ness that happens! I just have to get through the road trip to Utah. Any audio book suggestions for a long car trip?

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6 thoughts on “Friday Five May3

  1. So excited for Blend now!! I ended up getting a plane ticket, because tix through Frontier are only $160 roundtrip.

    Also, let’s try one more time to get together for lunch next week. It’s not supposed to snow, and I anticipate no big life events, so hopefully it will actually work this time 😉

  2. I, too, love a cold, winter sky; but didn’t really miss them (now be in CA from ME for 20 years), until I just saw your photo. Thanks for sharing.

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