Monday Suds: a little snack!

There is a food fad that has popped up recently that I am in love with!  The Husband and I love to try new foods and inventive plates wherever we can find them.  With the popularity of shows like the Great Food Truck Race and amazing and inventive people , we have had the chance to try some amazing food trucks!

Most of the breweries that we frequent have set up some great partnerships with local food trucks and carts to give them the opportunity to show off their amazing food!

One of the first places we fell in love with is the Sarah and Leshner’s operation called The Orange Crunch!

In their own words:

“The Orange Crunch, LLC is a fun and creative food product company aimed at offering the highest quality, made to order Philippine-style empanadas with the freshest natural ingredients. We view ourselves as loyal, honest and committed to each of our customers, our environment, our community to include financial donations to local and international non-profit organizations. We take full responsibility in offering the best service around. We aim to become a well-known Colorado food company and in the future, recognized nationally. Catch the Crunch, Be Full & Be Happy!””


I had first met Sarah at an Ales4Females event at Left Hand.  I can’t remember the exact dishes that she brought but from the minute I tasted it, I knew I loved it!  Everything they serve is flavorful, unique, and packed with passion for the food that they make!

One of my favorite surprises from their cart was at the Echo party a few weeks back.  As the party started a little early in the day, a brunch like item was necessary and this bahn mi type Scotch Egg was incredible!  Just enough sweet from the syrup and the insides were savory and delicious!  I will definitely be seeking this out again.


The Orange Crunch serves full plates of delicious food!  If you aren’t in the mood for an empanada, you can try the buns or the combo plates of exciting Phillipine inspired food!  I really think that this is one of the most inventive and creative food truck options out there.


What I really love about the food truck concept is that the general public is able to try foods they wouldn’t normally go out of their way for.  The food comes to you in a familiar setting and you can try a small sampler plate or just get a delicious lunch.  You don’t have to get up the courage to try a new restaurant, you just have to part with a few dollars for something you wouldn’t normally try.  While the orange empanada may look strange, I promise if you try it, you will be hooked and following them around the front range!


Where to find the Orange Crunch:

Online at

On Twitter @DenverOC

On Facebook at


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