Monday Suds: JAMming out at the breweries


When we pull up to the brewery on a Friday or Saturday night, the first question is about who is parked in the lot… We generally check out what’s going on before we make our weekly menu so that we can try out a new truck or support an old favorite some time during our week. It doesn’t always have to be dinner, sometime it is an appetizer or dessert to round out the evening.


There is one food truck that is definitely a special treat and one of our favorites. The Husband can be a picky eater (no condiments, no tomatoes, spicier the better, and no casseroles please!) so Jam’s Place is great for us. Jeff and Marla have done a great job of creating a menu that pleases even the pickiest of eaters with gourmet sandwiches, tasty soup, and delicious cheesecake!


I would say that there menu is merely a jumping off point for all of the great flavors that can be combined. My favorite sandwich happens to be the Draconian made with Pepper Jack, 3-Alarm Jack, Provolone, Hatch Roasted Green Chiles, Chopped Red Onion, Sliced Tomato, Wasabi Aioli on Green Chile Bread. I usually opt for different bread but it’s great! There are also great sandwiches with some suggested beer pairings that have been pretty successful.

Marla let me know that they have been open for a year now (Happy Anniversary!) and are still going strong. When I asked her what her favorite part of working the truck was, she said it was definitely working with her husband!


You can find them and their schedule on Facebook:

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