Blown away by Blend 2013

It’s really hard to sum up my feelings on the great gathering that happened in Park City, UT this weekend. Last year at Blend I was shy and felt like a fish out of water. This year, I knew more people and realized that it’s ok to just be me. I showed up and was greeted by the lovely ladies who put this amazing event together (Thank you Lindsay, Janetha, and Katie!). I’d been in the car for what seemed like forever so I was off to my room to freshen up. When I walked into our room for the weekend, I was floored. If you are in need of a place to stay in Park City, treat yourself to the Hyatt Escala. I would definitely consider living in this hotel full time if they would have me.

Once I freshened up, I met my roommates and we headed down for cocktails and more hugs and re-acquainting. I had decided to sign up for a random roommate and I was so glad that I did. I met 4 amazing ladies who I wouldn’t have met otherwise. We had an amazing weekend getting to know each other and hanging out. We definitely need to find a way to get together again before Blend next year! It was nice to run into familiar faces, both from friends I have met before and those that I have read.

Meighan, Krista, Me, Maria, and Kim

What I take away from the Blend (besides the incredible swag and sore muscles) is the incredible sense of community. Everyone at the retreat comes from different places geographically and socially but we all manage to find some common ground. Can’t wait to read the rest of the recaps going up for Blend 2013!

A few more pictures!

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