Friday Five

1. I saw this last night and I haven’t stopped laughing!


2. I still cannot get over how amazing Blend was this year.  Love the location, the people, and the community.  If you’re curious, just google search #blend2013 and check out all of the amazing things that happened in Park City.


3.  I’ve been listening to the What’s New section of Spotify and I found this great song.  Take a listen, you won’t  regret it.

4. I get to spend the weekend with some lovely ladies this weekend too!  This time it’s of a family nature.  The Husband’s mother and aunt are in the car on their way to Colorado.  Can’t wait to spend time introducing his aunt to the Fr0nt Range!  I always have such a good time when we have family in town!

And finally! 5.


The weather is fantastic!!  I can’t wait to spend the entire weekend outside!!

What are you doing to celebrate the holiday weekend??  I will be running the BolderBoulder on Monday… Maybe I’ll see you there!


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