Friday 5!

1. I saw this TED talk on Katie’s blog the other day. It’s about taking charge of your 20’s and making them count! Really inspired and I have ordered her book. I will let you know how it is!



2. This is our new baby! It’s a Mini Cooper Roadster and it’s so much fun! The car is a two seater convertible with almost no function, unless you count being fun to drive (and ride around in). She doesn’t have a name yet. Any suggestions?

3. We had such a blast going out on the town last night! Thank you all for your kind notes and words. It was a very special day.

4. I’m also loving our beautiful weather this weekend! Time to get out and hike. Colorado is great for that kind of thing. I think we are going to hit up Royal Arch this weekend.

And finally #5! It’s flower planting weekend at our house. Everything’s purchased and it’s time to get my hands dirty. We have given up on vegetables this year so I am going try my green black thumb at more pretty things. We may also look at putting out more patio bricks and getting a new table for outside… what do you think of this set?

What’s making you smile this week? Enjoy the weekend and have a drink on the patio for me!


4 thoughts on “Friday 5!

  1. I just bought the loveseat from that outdoor set (in the green color too)! I LOVE it! Really comfy and seems durable. Just be warned though – if you order it online, assembly WILL be required (not a ton and it’s easy but you still have to do it). Not sure if it’s the same if you buy it in stores.

    1. Oh – I bought the coffee table too! Didn’t have room for chairs on end tables on my balcony but I like the coffee table!

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