Monday Suds: Are you a Renegade?



We had some errands to run in Denver this weekend and on our way back home, we stumbled upon Renegade Brewing.  What a discovery!  If I lived in Denver, you could find me here every weekend!


We were in on a Sunday afternoon and there was a buzz but there were tables to sit at and the garage door was open.  Emily was more than happy to help us and she poured us some amazing tastes.  Renegade has been open since 2010 and they have a few great locations to try out!  What we didn’t expect was that we were nearly blown away with every beer.  Everything we tried was approachable and a little eccentric but we nearly finished every taster we tried.


One of our favorites of the day also happened to be Emily’s.  We loved the Resignation XVI.  There were so many amazing flavors that came together for a sweet and slightly malty drink.  The Husband said that this would make his top 5 beers of all time.  Also to note, it is a very sneaky beer at 9% ABV.  What I loved about Resignation was that it was all of my favorite notes without the bitter aftertastes.


The flagship beer was the Redated IPA.  This was a well rounded, easy drinking beer.  Nothing out of the ordinary but exactly what I wanted on a hot Sunday afternoon.


There was also a lovely surprise at Renegde.  We finally met up with Waffleganger!  What an incredible sandwich.  I had essentially a brunch sandwich on a waffle with a sriacha dipping sauce!  It was dainty and filling at the same time!  I can’t wait to meet up with again and try out the sweet stuff! Hopefully we will see them a little further north soon!


Overall, I can’t wait to get back to Renegade! What an amazing place with great staff and amazing beer!

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