Friday Five

This hike was hard!! In the end it was worth it, can you believe this picture I got? The Husband had never been up to Royal Arch. We did this at the first Blend. I had lived in the area for about three years before I even went up this trail. For the first bit of the hike, I couldn’t remember why I had avoided doing this until we got to the switchbacks. And then I started to trail behind and get a little whiny. At least the Husband was too far ahead to hear most of my mutterings. We went early to avoid the crowds and had a nice time in the end.

This brewery can easily be added to my top 5 in the area. If it were closer, you would find us there more often. You can check out what I had to say in my Monday Suds post.

What can I say? Once the nice weather is here, it’s really hard to be tired of this view. Enjoy for a few seconds. And then book your flight to Denver! We have an extra bed.

I’m so in love with this show! Boardwalk Empire has done three seasons and the fourth one will be out this fall. One of my favorite parts of watching this show is trying to guess which characters are based on real historical figures and which ones are just there for the plot line.

And thanks to Spotify, I am listening to lots of new albums and bands. My current obsession happens to be The Civil Wars. Beautiful songs and amazing voices. It’s been a long time since I have purchased music but I am definitely adding them to my Amazon list for purchase! And they are even country. When did I start liking country?? Please watch this video and let me know if you love them too!

What are you loving this week? What do you do to enjoy the great outdoors?

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