To do: Publish something on my blog…

I’m having one of those weeks.  The weeks where I feel like I am moving full speed ahead but nothing on my to do list is getting checked off.  We created a giant list to get us organized this week and I think that was our first downfall.  While I love lists, a list with 30 bullet points to finish before Saturday seemed like a little much.


My parents are coming into town this weekend so we have to rally and get it done.  We have instead worked like crazy people at the office and have come home to crash… At least Maggie is loving the extra cuddles.  The one thing we have done every night this week is get her out to walk.  She’s a tiny pup and the 1 mile loop seems to do her (and us) good.


The weather has been hot and smoky for a few days now and when I am done with work I just want to go home and put on my pajamas.  Tonight, I have to fight the urge so we can work on the beer in the basement (It’s time to bottle our cream ale!) and pick up so we can really scrub tomorrow night.  What am I saying, scrub on a Friday night?  I still owe you pictures of our finished paint job but honestly our house hasn’t been fully put back together yet.  There are still piles of things in the basement.

Between my trip to Utah, the numerous houseguests, and the errand running to Denver and Loveland on the weekends, we just haven’t had time.  I think that Saturday afternoon, we should have our house back together and pictures hung. Except for the kitchen but that’s another story for another day…

With all this talk of drudgery, I’ll leave you with a happy picture of the great outdoors to make you smile!



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