A little look inside

Can you believe it’s already the middle of June?  Where has the time gone?  We haven’t spent too much time enjoying iced tea on the patio this year and I haven’t even purchased the new citronella candles to put outside.

I think the reason time is slipping by so quickly is because we have spent the last few months playing catch up.  Every time we seem to get a handle on what’s going on, we get a new curveball tossed our way.  Thankfully, there haven’t been any major disasters, just small bumps that keep adding up.  I’ve heard quite a few times that some people’s best memories happened when they were 27.  It was the best year of their lives (so far).  For us, it has been a tough one.  I think we have really figured out what is important to us this year.  I have really enjoyed spending time with the Husband, trying new recipes and getting out on our bikes.  Even walking Maggie at night has been a treat (when the bugs are away).

Instead of letting July and August fly by too, I plan on enjoying it.  I am hoping to get more pictures of what we are doing, not just the beer we are drinking.  I am hoping to spend more nights on the patio with a book instead of inside with the Real Housewives.  And I am really hoping to get out and see more of Colorado.


Is your summer already flying by?  Are you planning on slowing down?

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