Getting organized… for a trip

Whenever I go anywhere, my organized personality goes into hyper drive.  When I was ten, I was labeling my underwear and packing my bag a week before we even left for camp.  When I went to college, I had a color matched pen, notebook, and folder for every class.  When we moved from Iowa to Colorado, each box had an item list and label for the movers.  When I pack to go home, I have packing lists and to do lists before we leave.  I think you get the picture, I feel most comfortable when I’m working off of a list.

Seems about right!

Getting ready to go home is no different.   I do a test run to make sure that the bag I pick is big enough but not too big that it’s obnoxious to lug around.  On driving trips, I can usually take what I want without worrying about being charged for my bag being too big or too heavy.  The Husband may roll his eyes at the (kind of) unreasonable amount of shoes I bring home for a 4 day trip to lounge by the pool but I’d rather be prepared.

When I’m packing last minute things like car snacks, charging cords, and puppy toys my theory is that it’s better to have too many bags than not enough.  Who wants to reach into a big grab bag in the middle of the night for car munchies and pull out Pupperoni instead?  Each canvas bag carries like items and is exactly where I need it so I can avoid getting Pupperoni breath for the rest of the trip. It also keeps things organized when we unpack into our bunk for the week! That’s really the reason but avoiding Maggie’s snacks is also a bonus.

This is my snack, not yours!

The best part of being organized is the unpacking.  We pack all dirty clothes together so we can just toss it in the machine when we get home.  We put Maggie’s stuff together so it can be put away right away.  And we come home to clean house so we can actually get caught up on our sleep instead of worrying about vacuuming and picking up.

How do you get ready for car trips?  Any car snacks you can’t live without (Swedish Fish!)

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