Monday Suds: Kettle and Stone


Ever wonder what word of mouth advertising and great beer will get you?  A full house on your first weekend.  Kettle & Stone, a brand new Boulder county brewery, opened with chalkboard signs on the street and a moderate Facebook following.  I saw their signs on the side of the road on their first night and I was wondering who they were all week.  Once we had some time, we set off to find this brand new watering hole that has popped up in a business park right off the highway.


So far owners Eric, Marty, and Sanjiv are enjoying spending time in a place that they created from the ground up.  They had a hand in every part of construction and they have really built a place that is comfortable and sharp looking!


The team is producing three beers on a 10 BBL system; the Opening Day IPA, the Summer Solstice Wheat, and the Freedom Stout.  When we visit new breweries, we can usually appreciate the direction a beer is going but it isn’t quite there yet.  At Kettle & Stone, they are there!  Brewer Eric comes with a lot of experience from a few other local favorites and has a vision for where his new project is going.


As you can see from these brewhouse shots, the team has created a space that is more than enough for the 10 BBL system and plenty of room to grow!  Eric really worked on putting in plumbing and glycol to accommodate a bigger system in the future!


We can’t wait to try some of the great beers that are going to come out of Kettle and Stone!  After spending some time with Eric we know that they love their beer and the community that it brings.  If they can draw 400 people at their opening party, I’m sure they have big things in store!


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