Friday Five

  1. We’ve finally created ourselves a little haven outside.  Since we moved in, we have tried many configurations and never quite found the one we love.  We got a little dirty and got some things shifted around and I think we finally nailed it!  It’s great to spend some quality time outside.
  2. Because of the holiday this week, we were able to spend less time at work and more time seeing the midwest… Thankful for the break.
  3. Also due to the holiday, we get to spend plenty of time with our families this week.  I am so lucky to have my sister, my parents, and my in laws all in the same town.  One stop shop and plenty of love! 262072_795977063803_3388264_n[1]
  4. Despite the mosquitos, the crowds, and the traffic I still love fireworks.  No matter what town your from, you know that there is one spot to get the best view.  And you have to fight to get to it and wade through the crowds to get out.  And once you’re settled, the mosquitos find you because you are the only one who forgot the bug spray.  Feels like it goes against everything inside of me but I have always loved them! P7040025
  5. I loved most of these playlists on  I listen to a lot of music at work and it’s nice to mix it up every once in a while.image

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  1. Lindsey

    I want pictures of the patio! 🙂

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