Bags are unpacked…

Do you know what’s worse than traveling for work? Settling back into normal life after a work trip… I’m always so tired, too lazy to cook, and my normal schedule is haywire.

Wish I could order room service every morning!

This was a strange benedict… more eggs under the ham and no muffin
Tasty cocktail at Tavernitas! thanks, Lindsey!

I did get to go out a little bit and I got some great shots of one of my favorite cities!

Our train stop for Wrigley!

And now that my suitcase is unpacked, we are starting to look at quick summer trips around Colorado. We are looking at finally spending a weekend in Colorado Springs (any tips?), down to Durango, and possibly another trip to Palisade and Grand Junction! We live in such a diverse state, it would be a shame to spend any more time at home.

Tell me about your favorite trip! Or tell me where to go!

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