Monday Suds: 12 Degree


Every time I turn around, there is a new brewery opening in Boulder County. While it’s nice to have so many choices, I wonder if we are about to burst the beer bubble? I definitely have my favorites and then there are the places that I want to check out in case I stumble across the beer that I can’t live without.


This week I ran into the newest brewery in Louisville. What 12 Degree has going for it is its location. The Husband missed it (twice) but I found it on my first try. The brewery is located right downtown in the Main Street Market space. There is a great (Summer) patio and a welcoming garage door. Once you get inside, the look is pretty stark and empty. They’ve only been open 3 weeks so I am sure they are still trying to find out what should be going on those walls (local art, perhaps?). What 12 Degree wasn’t lacking was people! There were a handful of people at the bar and there was a party going at the table behind me. I ordered the taster from Barbara and got started.


When you order at 12 Degree, you get a box with some big Belgian beers. When I stopped in, there were four on tap and it seemed like there were plenty of tap handles to grow on. The team at 12 Degree is working off of a 7 barrel system which is split between the basement space and the tap room. I really enjoyed the Belgian White called Walter’s White. For me, that is the beer you have when it’s too hot to drink anything else. It was refreshing with hints of citrus. Not too big but still a well rounded Belgian. I also sampled the Saison, Hommelbier, and Tripel and I was glad I tried them all. Each beer really showcased a different aspect to Belgian beer.barbara

The staff at 12 Degree were nice. Not only do they need to be knowledgeable about the beer they are serving but the food their kitchen is serving. That’s right; this is a brewery with food. While it can be hard to find, 12 Degree moved into a space that formally housed a restaurant. If you have the equipment, you might as well use it. I seated myself towards the end of the bar so I was able to see a lot coming out of the kitchen and I was impressed. If I find myself in Louisville without dinner plans, I may be inclined to try a flatbread.


Overall, I don’t know if 12 Degree will make it into my regular rotation of breweries but if you love a good Belgian, be sure to stop in and tell the gang at 12 Degree hello!

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