Time for a Detour

It’s usually about 2:30 at work when boredom hunger sets in. It’s the kind of hunger that would usually drive me to eat cookies or a handful of chocolate candies from a neighbors desk. The Husband has always been good about packing a good lunch with plenty of munchies to keep me on track but I usually can’t find anything sweet in my lunch bag. A few weeks back I was sent a box of Detour bars to try out and they are a great alternative to afternoon pitfalls…

What I’ve really liked about the Neapolitan flavor is the sweet taste. This small bar has 15 grams of protein and only 3 grams of sugar. It’s a great balance for me. What I haven’t liked is the ingredient list the length of my arm… While I’m not sure this will become a staple in our house, I have really enjoyed them as a sweet treat! They are especially good if you keep them in the freezer!

Now Detour has a little contest for you! They want to see how you enjoy your Summer. If you have Instagram (I do! Check me out here), show @DetourProtein a photo that represents your #SummerDetour! Tag me as well so I can see what great things you are up to.

Have you tried Detour? What did you think?

**Detour sent me the product to test out but all opinions are my own**

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