Monday Suds: Mama Jean’s


Besides investigating beer, sometimes I have to check out what is going on outside.  There have been many trips to breweries that have ended with one of us saying “Do you really want to make the fish and broccoli or do you want to grab (insert delicious and available food here)?”  I would say about 50% percent of the time we do the responsible thing and the other half is spent devouring tasty empanadas, sandwiches, barbecue, and salads away from home.

Enter Mama Jean’s and a delicious BLT(A)!  One thing I don’t usually get at home is a BLT.  The Husband doesn’t like tomato and I haven’t yet convinced him that a bacon sandwich is ok.  I can’t wait to order this sandwich again once I start seeing gigantic tomatoes at the farmer’s market.


CAM00084 CAM00086

Mama Jean’s has been open for a few months now and has been making the rounds through Northern Colorado.  You can get schedule details on their Facebook page here.  Besides the amazing BLT, we grabbed a chicken wrap for lunch and some sweet potato fries with honey and rosemary.  Jean says that she stops at Savoury Spice Shop and grabs whatever smells great and gets home and starts cooking.  I think that the sweet potato fries with rosemary and honey were a wonderful treat!  What I loved about this food is that is was delicious and fresh and not too heavy.  Jean and her family put together wonderful food that is a great compliment to any event!

CAM00089 CAM00090

Not only was the food great but it was nice stopping to talk to Jean and her boys!  It’s a family business and you can find the whole family in the bright green truck.

Please be sure to check out this family friendly truck for tasty food that will leave you thinking of home!  If you see Jean and her truck in Northern Colorado, make sure to let them know you want to try one of the fry combinations.

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