Monday Suds: Colorado Mountain Brewery

So when we pulled into the parking lot after a few hours of driving, all I wanted was a tasty lunch and a really cold beer.  I was hesitant when we found the place right next to the movie theater I was a little more than skeptical.  I was expecting a Granite City or a Rock Bottom but what we found was a gorgeous restaurant with some tasty brews.  While I understand there are two locations of the brewery, I think this was a great way to start our weekend in Colorado Springs.


And they have a sense of humor too!  Check this girl out.  She is the frau with the UniBrau Hefeweissen!


There were five beers on tap.  Each beer was an easy drinker and under 6%.  I really enjoyed the Monumental Stout because it was different and finished with some roasty flavor.  I also really enjoyed the UniBrau with the slice of lemon.  It was a very refreshing taste and there weren’t too many overpowering flavors.

I think the biggest surprise of the day is the Ole 59’er Amber.  This is a classic beer with a well rounded flavor.  The finish on the beer was big and robust and made me take another sip.  I wasn’t expecting to find such a big finish on such a classic taste.  This was also the beer that played such a big part in my favorite part of Colorado Mountain Brewery.


The best part of this stop on our Springs tour was the food!  As I said before, I was expecting Granite City.  The Fish Tacos were flavorful, light (even though this one has a beer batter), and fresh.  The mango salsa was good enough to eat on it’s own.  I would definitely recommend this as a stop on any tour in the Springs.


We had a great view of this amazing restaurant it’s beer equipment.  Even though it was behind a glass wall you could smell that it was brew day.  This aspect definitely added a quality I really liked.  Not only could you enjoy food from a kitchen you could see but you could smell, taste, and see the beer all in the same sitting. 


This would be the kind of place that I would love to sit in for an afternoon of football watching and beer drinking.  There was an amazing view of the mountains, a full bar, and a open kitchen with an amazing menu.  I would definitely stop here again!


For more info on Colorado Mountain Brewery, check out their website here and their Facebook Page here.


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