No drama

How is it Thursday already?  This week has flown by!  Today isn’t about beer or my favorite things.  It’s actually about one of my least favorite things, drama and stress!

I have always been told that I thrive under stress, I do my best work with a deadline.  The problem with that mentality is that I am always stressed.  I take work stress home and it bubbles into my relationships.  It’s too hard to come home and be exhausted from sitting at a desk all day.  And I’m sure the Husband isn’t too happy to hear about the woes of my job.

Our office reminds me of The Avengers if the Avengers joined forces every day to do battle against happiness.

My major problem lately is that I let everyone else’s problems be my problem.  I am always the shoulder to cry on and the person to vent to.  What this means is that when my office is having a bad day, it tends to rub off.  I have always been a social person and I can’t help but eavesdrop sometimes (I can’t help it if you are going to yell your problems across the office) and this gets in the way.   I am also not going to problem solve for you.  Research your problem or ask an expert, not your neighbor.  As I read this back to myself, it seems a little harsh but true. 

This week I am putting my foot down!  I need to take a big breath and remember that work is work and it should stay at work.  And work gets hard, I just need to take a walk and work through it.  I have had jobs that have required hourly attention and thankfully, this isn’t a job like that.  And when things get stressful for my neighbors, I need to grab my headphones and stay focused.  I still want to be the compassionate person I have always been but I can’t let my empathy get in the way of me having successful days.  It’s time to focus on me and my work load and not everybody else’s!

Do you worry about work?  How do you keep stress from coming home with you?

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