Monday Suds: Bristol Brewing and the Ivywild

Just realized this didn’t load yesterday!  Enjoy some suds!

During our drive around Colorado Springs, Bristol Brewing was definitely on our list. What I did not know was that earlier this year the Bristol team moved into a new location. And when we pulled in I was stumped…


Bristol, along with some other community partners, have moved into the Ivywild School. You can check out the Facebook page here. The school was closed in 2009 and was given new life in a bustling Colorado business sector. Besides stopping in for beers over the weekend, we enjoyed some great coffee (twice) from the Principal’s Office.  And to top it off, it was Bus at the Brewery day so the parking lot was filled with VW buses!  Definitely a site!



As for the beer, the crown jewel at Bristol is the Laughing Lab. It is a surprisingly low alcohol scotch ale. It is also the most decorated GABF winner. While this was an easy drinker, it was the Mass Transit that surprised me. I could have sat there all afternoon to people watch and drink this beer. I went in for the Lab and stayed for the Mass Transit. And if the Trippel is your thing, our bartender for the day, Morgan, says it’s her favorite.  The Husband really enjoyed the English Style Old Ale (only in bombers) that we took a few bottles home as a souvenir.


As I said this is an old school and some of the art remains and you definitely get a great feel!


If you are in Colorado Springs, check them out! Oh, and leave a nice tip for the great staff because they are doing this amazing work sans dishwasher!


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