Monday Suds: Pikes Peak Brewing Company



Pikes Peak Brewing Company was our last stop on our way out of town.  After a weekend of indulging in the Springs, I was just ready for a sandwich, a tasty pint, and a nap.  Luckily, Pikes Peak had it all (the nap happened in the car)!  There were six house beers on tap and each one of them was a palate pleaser.


Word to the wise, don’t sit next to the taps at Pikes Peak.  Optimum bartender chatting space but also ultimate splash zone.  Definitely felt like I needed to shield my stuff every time they poured a pint.  The only pint I wasn’t afraid of was the Stout that went over the ice cream (coffee flavored).  We saw the beer float trend all over Colorado Springs and if I wasn’t in the business of tasting beer, I would be doing this more often!


Pikes Peak has been open for 2 years (their anniversary was in June) and the best seller was the Elephant Rock IPA.  This is one of the highest alcohol beers and it is also the only beer they can right now.  There are plans to can a few others but nothing yet.  They are brewing on a pretty grand 30 barrel system so there is plenty of beer to go around.


Our bartender for the afternoon, Jenna, was great to chat with!  She also presses a pretty mean Panini.  Her favorites are the Elephant Rock and the Ascent Pale Ale.  Both seem to be house favorites and super easy drinkers.


What a concept!  I was completely intrigued by the board pictured below.  Sorry the picture is gross but I still have to share.  How many times have you tried a beer and said “Wow, I wish Joe could try this!”.  Well, now you can help them.  You can buy them a beer for them to use later!  Make sure to check the board when you stop in and see if someone purchased you pint!


And then we found the back room!  I always go where the bartender is but this brewery taught me a lesson.  Poke around!!  There was an incredible full bar in back and the beer garden outside was incredible.  The pergola and the fire pit were great and I can certainly imagine sipping some great fall beer out there.  This definitely answered my curiosities about what they do with such a large brew system.  Enjoy the little treasures we found in back!


That takes care of our favorite spots in Colorado Springs!  What’s your favorite vacation treasure?

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