Monday Suds: Palisade Brewing

When you travel out west in Colorado you think of the desert, the incredible mountains, and some people think of the wine!  There is another attraction in Palisade, CO and it happens to be the brewery!IMG_3515

We have stopped here before but I have never had the opportunity to share the incredible Hippie inspired beer that comes out of the western end of our state!  When you step into Palisade Brewing, there are no secrets…


That’s it!  That’s the entire place.  There is a kitchen behind the wall but everything you need to brew is out in the open.  And in Colorado Wine Country, there are some tasty porters making their way in the red wine barrel stacks! 

And with seven great beers on tap, including the Dirty Hippie!  Even though we aren’t in Boulder, it may be more likely that you run into a Dirty Hippie drinking a Dirty Hippie in Palisade than in Boulder!  The Dirty Hippie is a Dark American Wheat. 

From the Palisade website:

“We strive for a rock solid product per style but we also want something unique so we have put a slight twist on all of our beers to make sure that you know that you are drinking something special! “


The Dunkel that we were able to taste was a special for the 3rd anniversary.  With three years under their belt, there are some incredible beers on tap.  I really enjoyed the Summer Lovin’ Pale.  The grapefruit was strong and just the right thing to help me enjoy the last few days of the season.IMG_3552

Our bartender, Becca, really loved the IPA on tap.  She also let us know that they are sending 5 beers to GABF in October.  I can’t wait to see how they place as they had so many incredible beers on tap.  They have such an incredible space and great beers!  When we asked the locals, we found out that this was the place for a casual lunch and a great beer!  Everyone we asked mentioned that this was the place for lunch in Palisade.


We were so glad we made it back before we headed out of town.  What an incredible space to enjoy the last view of Palisade!

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