Friday Five

Long weekends!


Even though the circumstances were great, it was nice to spend a long couple of days curled up drinking cocoa and watching movies!  We even took a walk with Maggie in the rain and enjoyed the cool weather (even though it was raining).


Pumpkin Cocoa

I don’t have a picture of it but Pumpkin Cocoa is on the store shelves!  While I can’t drink Pumpkin beer (long 21st birthday story) I love eating squash and drinks filled with Pumpkin flavor!  Fall is my favorite season and this is the first step.  Next we make Pumpkin Cookies


This breakfast.


While I love going out for breakfast, it’s so nice to be able to have a husband who doesn’t mind putting together a breakfast sandwich in the morning!


One of the lifesavers during our long weekend was our little Roku.  We are able to access our Amazon Prime account and watch all kinds of old movies (anyone for Clue the Movie).  We have had Under the Dome on our radar for a little while and we finally started it this week.  After a few episodes, I’m hooked.  Is there a second season, anyone?



This story made me laugh.  While I don’t watch Big Brother anymore, I might have to find this season for rent somewhere.  The news stories throughout the summer had my jaw hitting the floor.  And now the contestants are finding out what they missed on the outside!  What do you think?  Did they get what they deserved?


This weekend we are off to enjoy a few Oktoberfest parties to support the flood relief efforts.  It’s also time to dig out my sweaters for the season!

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