Monday Suds: Colorado Boy

Once we settled into the resort in Ridgeway, we set out on our hunt for beer.  There is one brewery and one brewer that has come up time and time again as I speak to brewers, brewery owners, and want to be brewers.  Everyone asks if I have heard of Tom Hennessy and his brewery immersion course at Colorado Boy.  I’ve seen the book (and I have it on my list to read) and now I have met the man!


We were lucky enough to happen on the brewery when Tom was there working on getting the place set up for the day.  It was rainy and a little chilly and pizza and beer sounded like a fantastic idea.


We had a great opportunity to watch Tom greet his guests and gather some local produce for the amazing pizzas that his team was putting out.  You could definitely tell the minute that the doors were opened, this was a place that the community came together.  It was a humble place with six beers on tap.  We noticed over and over again as we tasted that each beer was something special.  It was simple beer done well.  Every beer on tap I would gladly take a pint of and every beer was a great accompaniant to the food that was presented.


While the Colorado Boy in Ridgeway is not Tom’s only pulace, it was definitely a great place to be.  We stopped in a second time to find the place even more full than the day before.  The 7 barrel system had produced some incredible flavors.  The Pale Ale was a great easy drinker and the English Brown had a smile across the Husband’s face. 


I really enjoyed the Summer and I can’t wait to find it again!  Sadly, this beer will be hard to find on this side of the state and will require another trip back to the Western Side of the state.  I can’t wait to read the book and I will definitely be spending some time finding some of his students.  I know that I have met some and I can’t wait to see who else has learned from his techniques!

Check out the Facebook page for Colorado Boy here and follow my Wonderings about Beer here.

Cheers until next week!

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