Monday Suds: Steamworks

Happy GABF week! This is the week that the front range is all a flutter with great beer, new releases, and incredible pairings. I will have some special beer week posts this week but I want to start off with a brewery that blew me away in Durango.


If you haven’t been, it’s time for you to try Steamworks!IMG_3841

We were looking for a little lunch and some great beer and we found both as we settled into our seats at the bar.  The first thing that struck me was the Cicerone sign on the wall.  Everyone who touches a beer at Steamworks is Cicerone Level One certified (at least).  I definitely love to visit breweries that can tell me more about the beer than what’s on the board.  And it’s even better when you don’t need a bartender to tell you.  IMG_3826

To learn more about the Cicerone program, check it out here.



For a Sunday afternoon, the brewery and restaurant were packed.  We came in after the lunch rush and we got the lay of the land.  We had some great food and once things were a little calmer, we even had the chance to talk to some of the staff.  After a round of tasters, I settled into the Steam Lager and the Husband tried out the Oatmeal Stout.  What I really liked about the beer selection is that the standard pales and stouts were on the menu but there were also some bigger beers that were a little on the experimental side.  There was definitely a beer for everyone.


There is a little canning happening off site in Durango but it is still a little hard to find outside of Durango. Next time you’re in Durango, let me know so I can place my order!IMG_3846

Be sure to check out Steamworks Durango on Facebook and steamworks twitter for all the latest news!

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