Friday Five: More beer!

Tomorrow I am off to Denver for the Great American Beer Festival.  After a little fiasco with our member numbers, tickets were ordered and we had to wait.  The day has come and I can’t wait!  I just wanted to share some of the breweries I am excited to see tomorrow.

If you are unfamiliar with the festival, search your social media for #GABF or visit to join in on the fun!


First up on the list is Cigar City!  I had the opportunity to visit this brewery when we were visiting family!  I’ve come a long way in beer drinking since then so I am excited to see how this beer dances on my taste buds this time around!



3 Floyds is one of those breweries that keeps coming up in conversation.  While I am not a stout fan, I want to try the beer so that I can check this unique brewery off my list!



Riff Raff is in Pagosa Springs and we drove by it on our way home from Durango last month.  While I wanted to stop, I had so much beer that weekend that I knew it was time to stop.  if I didn’t stop, I wasn’t sure I would like beer (or myself) anymore…  That means I owe them a pour or two on Saturday with fresher taste buds.



I’ve tried a few bottles from Anchor but I am excited to get a draft taste.  No other reason than trying something that I know won’t disappoint.



And finally, Lagunitas!  This was my favorite stop in California last year and we can only get a limited few in Colorado.  Hopefully they will be pouring some new and interesting beers to try out!

And finally, a little sidebar. While scoping out the list for the festival this year I made a terrifying discovery.  There are no Iowa breweries listed.  I have visited several tasty places and I know that many more have opened since my last visit.  I know that craft beer is popping up all over the country and to not see any Iowa breweries made me a little sad.  No home state pride this weekend…

Is there something I missed?  Let me know where else I should be stopping tomorrow for a 1 ounce taste!


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