Monday Suds: Women Enjoying Beer


So on the occasional Monday night, I get the opportunity to sit down with my favorite ladies and learn about the inner workings of the brewery business and brewing beer.  And sometimes I get to bring my husband!  And Lori brings dinner and Milk Stout cupcakes.IMG_4040

Ales4Females is a great group that I have talked about before.  If you like to drink beer, if you liked chemistry in high school, or if you are interested in wine/beer pairings with food then this group offers exactly what you need!  You show up, you have a few tasters, and you learn from local brew gurus.  It’s a great way to get together with other ladies without the guys!


Last week Ginger Johnson from Women Enjoying Beer came to Ales4Females and gave a presentation on the history of beer culture.  It was such a treat to hear someone talk about beer who was really passionate about the industry as a whole.  She wasn’t just excited about one brewery or beer (even though Milk Stout seemed to be a favorite) she was excited about the community that this industry has created.IMG_4059IMG_4045

While there were plenty of anecdotes passed on and jokes shared, I truly enjoyed hearing Ginger relay her passion to us.  I left with a list of books to read and milestones to research (I now know the day Prohibition ended.  Go ahead, ask me!).  I also left promising, with my left hand, that I would not be a beer snob!  Thanks for a great evening, Ginger!IMG_4068IMG_4053

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