Monday Suds: GABF recap

We have lived in Colorado for four years and we’ve been craft beer fans for almost as long.  Last year I tried to snag tickets to the Great American Beer Fest but due to a Ticketmaster snafu, no such luck!  This year, we had our AHA cards ready and we had a bit more luck.  After downloading the app and looking at the website, we decided to go in with no plan.  IMG_4101

And into the Saturday afternoon session we went…


There were some great beers and plenty that made their way into the buckets.


We had saved the Colorado section until the end of the session so that we could have the chance to say hi and congratulations to some of our favorite brewers.



While we definitely had a great time at GABF I really can’t wait to connect with some of the great breweries we were intrigued by at the event!  IMG_4089IMG_4088IMG_4098IMG_4087

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