Monday Suds: Crow Hop Brewing Company


It seems that every time I make my weekend plans, a brewery or another will be on the plans. I guess that is reflected in the fact that I am the Imbiber of the Month at Left Hand. That’s another story to share later in the week! Anyway, the options have been great and Colorado got one more pin on the map!


Crow Hop Brewing Company opened on October 19th and I pulled up a seat at the beautiful bar. I had a great taster tray and I was blown away! The four beers I tasted were refined, balanced, and all very different. While I am usually the IPA girl, the English Reds have been more my game lately and the ‘Rado’s Red Ale did not disappoint.


The amazing location in downtown Loveland, the very well laid out brew house, and tasty menu were 4 years in the making and the brain child of 2 couples.  The beer background came from 10 years of home brewing. You could tell on opening day that there was plenty of love and passion behind their product and the full house lets me know that they have done a great job getting their name out there.


There will be plenty of new beers coming up and the rotating seasonal menu is starting to come together.  I really think that the team behind Crow Hop has opened a brewery that has some great success in their future.  I can’t wait to see what they do at GABF next year!

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