A little crabby

We finally got around to celebrating our birthdays last weekend. When you have a few good friends and beer around, what else do you bring to the party? We had a coupon for Maryland Blue Crab and thought this would be the perfect place for it! I had no idea how many crabs were in a half bushel but let me tell you the box was huge!


We headed out to Left Hand to meet up with everyone. We happened to be the Imbibers of the Month for November so we were treated to 25 ounce mugs of our favorite beers (which we get to enjoy all month) to go with the crab. And since the crabs were whole, it was a messy job! I only snapped a few pictures because I was too covered in lunch to much up my camera. I don’t think I have ever pulled apart my own crab but I was a pro by the end.CAM00419

By the end, we were all covered in Old Bay and Crab meat. Even though it was November, the heaters above us kept us nice and warm and the sun was out so it was a perfect day!  It wasn’t a milestone birthday but it was a great excuse to get together with friends!  Happy belated birthday!


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