Monday Suds: Epic Brewing


We had some extra time to explore Denver a few weekends ago and I had been itching to get to Epic.  I missed them when I was in Utah and I was so happy to see them make a second home in Colorado.  I have had a few saison bombers and the labeling from Epic always made me laugh.  So what do you get when you move a well established brewery from Utah to Colorado?  You get a brand new brewery masquarading as a well established local brewery.


Sadly, we pulled up and they were pretty empty.  The lack of people seemed to translate into lack of energy with the staff behind the bar.  No one seemed excited about the beer or their fantastic space.  While I am not always wanted a high energy corner bar, I do hope for someone to be excited.  Especially when they have a great space in an up and coming part of Denver, 25 beers on tap (all Denver Epic) and brand new system to try out some new recipes.  We had a few tastes, a couple 10 ounce pours and didn’t find anything worth making the trek for.


There are 3 beers that are special to Colorado and I tried out the Escape to Colorado IPA.  It was a tasty IPA but nothing that I would go out of my way to purchase.  When I tried the Elder Brett Saison out of my local liquor store’s case, my socks were blown off.  The Escape to Colorado IPA was just so-so.  Nothing that makes it stand out from the rest of the Colorado IPA crowd.


Maybe once Epic Brewing in Denver is fully up on their feet and the saison program is on a roll, I will stop back in but until then, I will keep looking for interesting releases of the bombers here in town.  Not worth the 45 minute drive for a middle of the road IPA.


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