Monday Suds: FATE Brewing


About a year ago we started hearing rumblings of a new brewery opening in Boulder.  They were going to have an amazing bar, a large beer selection, and the food was going to make you want to stay for dinner.  They did an incredible job of getting the FATE word out by collaborating with other local breweries and using their equipment while the home brewhouse was being installed.  While I was curious, it took me almost a year to get there.


When we walked in you could tell that every detail in restaurant was picked out on purpose.  Nothing was left to chance. We pulled up a spot at the outdoor bar with an incredible heater and ordered our first taster flight.  We tried out the standards and everything was a classic taste.  I really enjoyed how clean the Kolsch was and how incredibly smoky the roggenbier was on my palate.




What I really loved was the current collaboration menu.  While you would think these would be with other breweries or homebrewers, these collabs were paired local coffee roasters and the zoo for a charity event.  I love that they have turned the idea of collaborations on its head and made it something that means more outside of the beer community.

And those tap handles, how great??

Find them on Facebook and Twitter (@FateBrewingCo)

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