Monday Suds: River North


To finish off our brewery year, the Husband and I hit up one more Denver brewery to round out our list.  I can find my way to Denver with no problem but if you asked me to find my way around, we would be in trouble.  We have had some great beer in Denver and we have had some beer that wasn’t worth the 40 minute drive.  This time around, we headed to River North and we found some Belgian and Belgian inspired beer that was worth the drive!  River North is a beautiful industrial space with big windows into the brewhouse.  I’ve heard it’s great in the summer with the big garage doors open.  As you can see by the sign, it was a little cold the night we dropped in.  This wasn’t a big space in front but the warehouse in back houses a 15 barrel system that provides the tap room with beer along with bottling and canning abilities.


Many of the beers are great for winter sipping as most of the ones I sampled were over the 8.5% ABV mark but they were all delicious.  One of the most interesting tastes of the night was the Barrel Aged Imperial Stout, Avarice.  The barrels came from Stranahan’s and Firestone and the flavor that was added to this already distinct and flavorful beer was great.  There was a bit of an alcohol taste from the Stranahan’s barrels that provided a warm backbone to this strong beer.  I wish we would have had a growler with us to take this beer and really enjoy it!  I definitely didn’t want to have too much before we really started our night in Denver.


My favorite of the night happened to be the River North Wit. This is the kind of beer that is nice and light for summer drinking on the patio and just as good after a hard session shoveling.  The description from the brewery:

River North White
White Ale / Belgian-Style Wit (20 IBU, 5.0% ABV)
This crisp Belgian-style wit has a subtle spicy, citrus aroma and a delicate, dry finish. Sessionable and refreshing, this represents the evolution of the traditional Belgian-style wheat beer.

If you happen to be in Denver for an afternoon of kicking around or to take in a Rockies game, be sure to stop by River North and let me know what you think!  I know we will be back.


Make sure you check out River North Brewery on Facebook  and Twitter.

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