Monday Suds: Front Range Brewing Company


I finally made my way down to Lafayette, Colorado’s first craft brewery. Front Range Brewing Company. Like many other breweries, this little gem was tucked in a strip mall next to a furniture and across the way from a handful of restaurants. There was a few boisterous tables in the place but not a single soul at the bar. I saddled up with my camera and got ready to taste some incredible beers (and a really cool bar!).


Will (0ne of the owners) and Jenna set me up with a flight of tasters and I got to work. With a seven barrel system in place and a brewer with a plan, I had 10 beers to taste. The crowd favorites for us were definitely the red and the kolsch style beers. The kolsch was clean and crisp and if it had been a degree or two warmer, I would have kicked my feet up on the patio with a full pint!clip_image003

As a series, I really enjoyed that there were three styles of IPA on tap. There was the Trhopical (not a misspelling) IPA, the Double, and the Black IPA. You could taste that they all belonged in the same family but they each had a distinct note. You could taste the standard IPA notes but there were hints of other fruits that made it stand out. Definitely worth the trip for the growler.clip_image004

One of the things that was nice about this location is the plethora of restaurants in the area. FRBC needed food and the neighbors were happy to oblige. The menu that is kept in house is actually a selection of all of the surrounding stops. Check out the selection here! It’s such an embodiment of what the Front Range Craft scene is all about. The community coming together to help one another succeed.


I would definitely recommend FRBC as a stop on your Front Range beer tour. With a great location right off the highway and plenty of food choices, it’s a great place to stop and enjoy a bite and some very well done classic beer!


Make sure you check out Front Range Brewing Company on Facebook and Twitter.

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