This week it is Weekday Suds at Backcountry Brewery

So I finally visited a new brewery!  I’m not quite sure where the last couple of weeks have gone but we got up to the mountains this weekend and finally stopped by Backcountry Brewery.  We had stopped by over Thanksgiving weekend but they were serving a special meal for the holiday.  We weren’t that far away when we decided to pull off I-70 for lunch.  So glad we stopped in!

backcountry pint

We sat down and I immediately tried the sampler flight.  There were choices and I think between the two of us, we managed to try almost everything on the beer menu.  I should have taken a picture of one these tasters next to something for size comparison.  No pint necessary here!  The tasters were about 6 ounces and there was plenty of beer on the table for the both of us!

On the day we were in, they had all of the regular beers and a few seasonals available.  You can check out the full beer menu here.  What I really loved was the Breakfast stout.  It is stout month here in Boulder and the weather was just great.  The balance of coffee and hops was great!  If I were going to order a pint in February, this would definitely be near the top of the list.  Here are the full characteristics from the brewers:

“Breakfast Stout is a milk stout (we put lactose in the boil) in which we put locally roasted Guatemalan and Costa Rican coffees. The coffee is roasted at Rocky Mountain Coffee Roasters on Main Street.The beer is full bodies and has a milky and caramel sweetness followed by a mild roast from roasted barley and the coffee.

Original Gravity: 13.7° plato / Alcohol by volume: 4.4% / Bitterness: 30 IBU’s / SRM: 10”

backcountry taster

After talking with the guys behind the bar, we found out about the great mug club and the fun beers that they test out in small batches.  If we were up in Frisco more, this would be a regular stop for us.  The mug club is a steal! Who wouldn’t want your own mug and happy hour pricing?

backcountry logo

And as we left, it was snowing and perfect in the mountains!  Can’t wait to share some lessons from my first grown up ski day!


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