What I learned skiing at Copper

This is my fourth winter in Colorado.  Every winter, we buy a set of passes for Eldora and I rent skis.  Once we get up to our tiny mountain on my sub par skis, I have a moderately cruddy time and turn in early.  I ski because it’s what the Husband wants to do and who am I to disappoint?  At least until it’s about lunch time…

Anyway, this year the Husband wanted to try something else.  We rented skis from a different vendor and headed up towards Summit County and Copper Mountain. We rented a condo and we were ready to go bright and early.  I studied the run map before we went to bed and woke up with knots in my stomach.  I didn’t think I was ready for this.


Lessson number 1, I was ready to tackle a bigger mountain!  I only fell a few times.  Unlike most times before, it wasn’t a frustrating experience to get my skis back on.  I got up and got going again!  We took a few breaks on the way down to correct my form and to re-discover my confidence but we made it!  I stuck to the same lift the entire time we were there and tried to stick to mainly the same runs down so that I would know what to expect.  I needed to feel comfortable for us to make it to the bottom without wiping out hard.  We skied all day with a brief stop for lunch.  Next time, I might get a little more adventurous and try something new but was my first time at Copper, I felt pretty accomplished.


Lesson number 2 of the day is the important one.  Know your limits!  I messed up my knee while I was in college and the left side definitely gets a little worn out more easily.  When I ski, my tired knee generally means less control of my left ski and more wipe outs.  When you feel like you are done, be done, or at least take a well deserved break.  Pushing yourself is good, but don’t push to injury.  Luckily, the Husband could see the concern on my face and knew that I needed to call it a day!

With the new confidence, bright snow green pants, and great day I found out that I may actually enjoy skiing.  20140216_135800

I will definitely be back to try it out again (any suggestions on places we have to go to?).  Once we were off the mountain, it was time to vacation my way!  We stayed the night at the Ameristar in Blackhawk and gambled the night away.  3 days of Colorado getaway was exactly the way for us to spend Valentine’s day weekend.

By the way, currently writing this on my flight home to Iowa for my little sister’s baby shower!  I’ve got an empty seat next to me and a little room to get the computer out!  A little R&R and family time is needed and I can’t wait to share all of the (pink) details.

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