Weekday Suds: Welcome to The Post!



So the first time in a long time, I headed out to a brewery solo this weekend!  The Husband needed a beer break and I needed to get out and explore!  I hopped in the car and headed to Lafayette to visit one of Boulder County’s newest brewing operations!  And of course, when I sat down at the end of the bar, I definitely wasn’t alone.  There was quite a crowd waiting for 4:00 to happen!  The beer is popular but the food at this place keeps it packed!  Sadly, no food for me this time but I will definitely be back in to sample the brunch menu!

Now the beers!  I sampled a 5 beer flight of the most popular beers on tap.


Out of the 5, 4 I would order again.  And the 4 I did like hit it out of the park!  the Lovey dovey Belgian had to be my favorite.  What my tastebuds love has a lot to do with my mood and on Sunday, I was craving Spring and sunshine!  This beer was a full bodied delicious treat with enough sweet and layered notes to make to order a pint (and wish I had time for another!).


Overall, the feel of this place was great!  Funky decorations, a potentially huge outdoor seating area, and a great bar smack dab in the middle!It was rustic and comfortable while still having enough seats to accommodate large groups and big tables.  I will definitely be back during Happy Hour to see the wheel at work.  It’s labeled with all the seat numbers at the bar and if your sitting in the lucky seat when your number comes up on the wheel, you get a treat (like a happy hour special)!


And I also want to say hi to the lovely couples I met while sitting at the bar on Sunday!  It’s good to know that when you head out on your own, there are always nice people to chat beer with!

Make sure you check out the Post Brewing Company’s social media!  And to get their location, find them on my beer map!


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