My end of week thoughts on Arbonne


Why you won’t be seeing a lot of food (or beer) in my Instagram feed this month.

For a long time, I said I wouldn’t buy into the gimmicks.  I wasn’t going to pick a diet trend that wasn’t going to be a long term solution.  But then after exercise and watching what I eat, I wasn’t see any changes.  And then there were several months of over indulging and now, honestly, my pants aren’t that comfortable.  So a lady I know from Left Hand told me about Arbonne.  It’s a comprehensive program for 30 days.  It’s a smoothie with their protein powder for breakfast and lunch, B Vitamin and Guarana Fizzy Sticks to add to water, candy like chews for the sweet tooth, and a full complement of fiber, digestion aids, and chromium.  Seems like a lot of powders and not a lot of real food.  I can stil have healthy snacks and dinner is on me!


How am I feeling?

Four days in and the caffeine headaches are slowing (no coffee or alcohol  on this plan) and I am surprisingly not hungry all the time.  The hardest part for me is waiting long enough to have dinner so that I am not starving at 7:00 PM with no options.  I have been creative with the smoothies this week and I think I will settle into a routine of a handful of combos that I like.  For now, the satiety part is working.  What am I missing?  The social glass of wine at happy hour and the tasty cheese and crackers with the in laws before dinner at their house.  These are the things that got me here and by dropping them cold turkey, I have really been dancing on my own last nerve.  What I do know is that it will be better for me in the long run to re-introduce them in moderation and in the right way.

4 days down and 26 to go…

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